Hargreaves, MacKenzie & Kelly is a partnership not only in the true sense of the word but by joining forces with some of the best experts in the UK, we have become an extended partnership and everyone who is connected to us or who works with us, will always put the client first. Not only do we have a wealth of expertise on which clients can rely but our knowledge base and specialisms are expanding and growing on a daily basis with the addition of more and more Service Providers, this extends our reach and our capabilities when it comes to providing the clients with a premium service.


The vast majority of our services are free to our clients, as we prefer to share in the upside that we create for them, however where we do have to make a charge for a service, the client would be advised in advance and of course all our fees are modest.


To provide our clients with the best possible service and to ensure that we and all of our Service Providers adhere to the ethics and ethos of “Client First”. In providing the service we will utilise our own knowledge base and draw on our extensive network of Service Providers, this way we will provide the clients with the resources to enable them to thrive.

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