The Darker Side to Business Failure.

By Mark Reece | October 16, 2020

Can you see the elephant in the room over there? The one you’re desperately trying to ignore! Is that elephant a friend or family member who you suspect is experiencing business difficulties?  Knowing what to say or how to broach the subject can be awkward. “How’s work?” is often one of the first things we…

Why a well-argued share valuation is crucial to keep the tax bill down.

By David Cane | October 12, 2020

We need to pay taxes, but let’s keep it to the minimum! When you come to retire and realise the investment in your company it’s reasonable to assume, you’ll wish to maximise the financial return, by keeping as much for yourself and pay as little to HMRC. There is a right way to go about…

The UK’s Leading Independent Provider of GDPR Compliant Business and Consumer Marketing Lists.

By Joanne Clayton | October 9, 2020

I often hear people say that the hardest thing about running a company is getting new customers, they find it difficult and time consuming to build a prospect list and generate new enquiries. So what would you do if you had a list of your ideal customer to contact? Would contact them to promote your…

Strategic thinking to prepare for 2021

By Mike Boss | October 5, 2020

Mike Boss Managing Director of Boss Corporation gives us his thoughts on 2021. 2020 has been a stark lesson to us all; the saying “you never know what’s around the corner” has never been more true. How could anyone have predicted a pandemic that would spin our world into lockdown and isolation so rapidly? It’s…

R&D Tax incentives for the Construction sector – Are you eligible for claiming?

By AARTI VARIA | September 30, 2020

Aarti Varia of iTax Advisors Limited explains what types of activities are potentially eligible for a refund from HMRC under the R&D Tax credits scheme. About the construction sector As UK property and construction moves towards modernisation, companies are investing into Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, machine learning and sophisticated software systems to efficiently design and…

Keeping One Eye on the Future

By David Cane | September 23, 2020

As buzz words go ‘pivoting’ is up there for 2020. No business owner could have foreseen the effects of a pandemic and included a strategy to deal with this in their business plan. These challenging times create immediate problems, such as temporary closure, reorganisation of staff responsibilities, looking for cost reductions and claiming appropriate financial…

R&D Tax credits – are you missing out on your cash refund from HMRC?

By AARTI VARIA | September 15, 2020

Background The UK Research &Development (R&D) Tax credits scheme was introduced in the year 2000 for Small and Medium sized Entities (SMEs) and in 2002 for large companies.  The scheme aims to incentivise companies to continue to innovate through increased spending in research and development.  Where companies can demonstrate they are developing new, or appreciably…


By Maurice Kelly | September 3, 2020

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Thoughts on Property

By Christopher Coleridge Cole | August 24, 2020

As if the plate of the landlord, the property investor with two or more properties, wasn’t heavily-laden enough…… Having had ‘gorgeous George’ Osborne infamously attacking them with the Sec’ 24 ruling – removing virtually all deductible expenses against mortgage interest relief – that’s making it almost impossible to make the books balance, the Corona Virus…

Current Affairs

By Maurice Kelly | August 14, 2020

As Britain continues to work through the devastating situation which is the Covid-19 Pandemic and as we all brace ourselves for the Tsunami that is coming behind the pandemic, how bad can it be?   Here are my thoughts:   We have already seen that over 800,000 people have lost their jobs between March –…