Hi, I am Phil Eldridge, Owner/Director of Secure Business Advisors Limited.

I work with and support business owners and senior executives (managers) who have the aspiration and drive to maximise the results of their businesses. They achieve high growth, improve their wealth, deliver outstanding service to their customers and enjoy sustained and increased profits.


My clients suffer from the constant frustration of their efforts to grow their business. Inefficient systems, lack of processes and failure to embed the changes required to improve productivity lead to constant demands upon their time. They have long, draining days with repetitive issues within the business, a continuous stream of problems brought to them by their employees and endless complaints from their customers. 


The outcome is that my Clients feel squeezed and stressed by day to day issues having to work alone to resolve each and every problem. It feels like running furiously through treacle. I have huge empathy for their situation as I felt the same pressures running a business simultaneously in North America and Europe. I found the help I needed. My objective now is to be the “go-to” person for my clients to obtain the support and advice they need to take the steps forward to success. 


My clients leverage my three decades of business experience across sectors and within businesses of all sizes creating the most value for their customers while minimising resources, time, energy and effort.


I commonly work on uncovering the underlying problems affecting the performance of the business, analysing root causes and implementing solutions; embedding the changes in actions and mindset that leads to an efficient and effective business with engaged employees focused on adding value.


This provides the Owner and Executives the time to work with me on an inspiring the vision and purpose for their business with detailed growth strategies, objectives and tactics for everyone to follow.


The first step is discussing and listing all their intuitive feelings about the performance of themselves and their business. Next, we review all their customer feedback followed by a detailed analysis of the key financial and operational metrics. The fourth step is an assessment of their critical processes and competencies. The outcome is a comprehensive list of the key issues, and opportunities, within the business. We then formulate detailed action plans, with agreed resources, to overcome the issues and exploit the opportunities. The final step is to deliver the action plans effectively, on-time. 


The results are substantial, high impact, tangible, improvements in the business. The revenue, profits and value of the business grow. The Owners and Executives are energised. Their employees achieve greater team working, morale and motivation.   


My Clients are striving for a greater return for all their effort. I help them achieve the rewards they deserve;

✔ Revenue growth

✔ Improved profits

✔ Eliminated waste

✔ Increased productivity

✔ Maximum customer satisfaction


I would be delighted to help you maximise your business results. Please contact me to get started today!