By David Cane – Sundial Tax & Finance

Back in 2012, I was retained by a firm of lawyers, to prepare an expert witness report on behalf of a client who fell out with his father on the management of their building company.

The son, my client, emigrated to Perth, Australia, leaving instructions with his lawyers to settle his claim for his interest in the company.

Years followed with email correspondence between the UK and Australia and snail mail correspondence with the father in the UK.

Long story short, the claim went to court and the first hearing was in November 2019 at the Royal Courts of Justice. I was not required to attend, but my client travelled from Perth to attend.

The second hearing was in June 2020, which related to the financial settlement and was held as a video conference using Teams.

On this occasion, the client attended from his home in Perth, the judge from his chambers and I and the barrister attended from our respective offices. The judge gave his ruling that morning.

If it wasn’t for Teams (the Microsoft equivalent of Zoom) we would still be arguing!


Teleconferencing is reducing the carbon footprint and saving time to boot

This is not the only example of technology saving the day.

I recently had a frantic call from a lawyer, whose client required a company valuation for the purpose of the capitalisation of a £1M loan.

The lawyer was based in London, the client and I were based in different parts of North East Surrey. We had 5 meetings, using Zoom and working from our respective offices, without needing to travel. I managed to complete my valuation report from start to finish within two weeks.

Technology that allows us to continue to operate remotely and at a safe distance must be the way forward, but there’s nothing like a face-to-face meetings to give you a real ‘feel’ for a person. It will be interesting to see how the balance between online meetings and face to face pans out as we come out the other side of the pandemic.


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