Applying for Grants (UK Wide)

We can assist you with the application and also sourcing which grants are available to you.

Applying for Capital Allowances

If a client or their company holds commercial property, then they may be able to claim Capital Allowances, which are not Capital Expenditure. The property should not be held in a pension scheme and should this not be then we may be able to obtain a payment for Capital Allowances on behalf of the client.


Applying for Research & Development Tax Credits

Sometimes client companies are entitled to make a claim for R&D Tax Credits but they haven’t, because they didn’t know that they could, this is where we can help as R&D can be for a wide range of companies and can also be for processes? We can assist with all of the relevant paperwork and the submission to HMRC, which could mean an amount of money added back to the client company’s bottom line.



Business Angel Networks

If a client would like to know more about working with Business Angels or if they wish us to effect an introduction, then this is part of our service?

Assisting in and Applying for SEIS & EIS schemes

If a client is looking to applying for an SEIS or EIS scheme, then we can assist them? SEIS & EIS are HMRC’s own schemes and are available to a wide range of companies. We can guide the client through the process and we may even be able to get the client funding, which could make a significant difference to their business.

The current rates for funding are:

SEIS up to £150,000:00

EIS up to £5million

Establishing Joint Venture Partnerships

If a client is looking to set up a JV Partnership, then we would advocate that they get some independent advice and assistance, preferably from someone who can take the personalities out of the situation and just deal with the facts.

Capital Gains Tax Deferral Scheme

If a client has paid Capital Gains Tax in the last three years or if they are due to pay any in the near future, we have an HMRC approved system that allows clients to defer the payment due to HMRC and also, we may even be able to get the client a Tax rebate equal to 30% of the CGT liability.

Property Utilisation

We have a number of methods to enable clients to maximise their return from their BTL’s, HMO’s etc. and some of the methods may even qualify for Social Impact Funding.

Refunds of SDLT

When buying a property, the normal method is that the lawyer simply uses the vanilla rate card (as they are not Tax Experts) and the client pays accordingly, well there are numerous areas where the normal rate should not apply and this is where we can help. If a client is currently buying a property or if they have bought one in the last 12 months, then we may be able to secure them a refund.


Capital Gains Tax Total Mitigation System

This is a service for client who have a portfolio in excess of £1m (Gross value) and with the application of Generally Accepted Accountancy Principals, we can set up a system whereby the Capital Gains Tax is wiped out and the portfolio owner can access the full value of the portfolio without incurring Income Tax.

Solutions for IR35 (Client Specific Service)

Systems by which you may not have to change your current working model to dramatically.

HMRC Challenges

We have some of the best Chartered Tax Advisors in the business and each has a unique set of skills in regards to their specific vocation. They cover a vast array of Tax situations and these include Tax Investigations by HMRC, so whatever the issue or to prevent an issue, speak with us.